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CBSE Class 10 Result 2024 is expected to released in May 2024. Keep your eyes on the official websites –,, or When the time comes, just punch in your admit card roll number, date of birth, center, and school number to know your result.

Just a quick reminder, you must have to score at least 33% marks to pass the CBSE Exam 2024. The exams were scheduled from 15 February to March 13, 2024, so make sure you’re prepped and ready.

Once the results live, you’ll get all the details on your marks, division, grades, and whatnot. And here’s the cool part – you can also check your CBSE Class 10th Result 2024 through SMS, Call, IVRS, UMANG App, DigiLocker, and the shiny new ‘Pariksha Sangam’ portal.

Don’t forget, last year’s results came out on May 12, 2023. So, brace yourselves and good luck to all the CBSE 10th board exam takers! 🤞🏽📚

10th Percentage Calculator CBSE 2024 (Top 5 Subjects Rule)

CBSE Class 10 Result 2024

Board NameCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Exam NameSecondary School Examination (CBSE 10th)
CBSE 10th Result,
Exam LevelNational Level
Number of Students (Approx)3.5 lakhs
CBSE Result 2024 StatusTo be announced
CBSE 10th Result 2024 Date & TimeMay 2024 (Morning hours)
CBSE 10th Exams15-Feb-2024 to 21-Mar-2024*
CBSE 10th Result12-May-2024*
CBSE 10th Compartment Result 2024August 2024*

Official Websites: The primary portals are and Enter your roll number and other details, and your scorecard awaits.

SMS: For instant gratification, send an SMS in the format “CBSE10 <your roll number> <date of birth> <school number> <centre number>” to 7738299899.

IVRS: Dial 24300699 (with area code if needed) and follow the prompts to hear your results spoken clearly.

Digilocker: Download the app or access with your credentials. Your downloadable marksheet will be available after the results are declared.

UMANG App: Install the UMANG App on your smartphone, log in with your registered mobile number, and navigate to the CBSE section to access your results.

Check CBSE Class 10 Result 2024 Online

CBSE Class 10th Result 2024

Visit the Official Website:

  • Go to web browser (chrome) and search to
  • Look for the section that specifically mentions CBSE Class 10th Result.
  • It’s usually prominently displayed on the homepage during result season.

Enter Your Details:

  • Once you’re in the right place, it’s time to input your details.
  • Typically, you’ll be asked for your Roll Number and Date of Birth (DOB).
  • Some systems might also require additional information like your School Number and Centre Number.

Submit the Information:

  • Double-check everything to make sure there are no typos or errors in your details.
  • Once you’re confident, hit the “Submit” or “Check Result” button.
CBSE Class 10th Result 2024

Wait for the Result:

  • The system will process your information, and after a moment of suspense, your result should pop up on the screen.

Download and Print (Optional):

  • If you want a hard copy or a digital backup, you can download and print your result. There’s usually a download button or an option to save it as a PDF.

Check for Additional Information:

  • Take a good look at your result sheet. It might include not only your marks but also grades, division, and other relevant details.

Check Your CBSE Class 10 Result On SMS and DigiLocker

Alright, if you’re not into the whole website scene and want to keep it simple, you can check your CBSE 10th result 2024 via SMS.

Just shoot a text to 7738299899 in this format: CBSE10, Roll No., DOB, school number, centre number. Easy peasy!

Now, for the tech-savvy bunch, if you want your Class 10th digital mark sheets neatly tucked away in your virtual pocket, hit up DigiLocker.

Go to or use the DigiLocker app. Log in with the credentials you get via SMS. Just a heads up, there’s an extra layer of security for downloading mark sheets.

To set things in motion, visit Pick your class (10th, in this case), enter your school code and roll number.

Now, here’s the twist – you need a PIN for the download. To get it, your school’s the go-to. They’ll hand you a six-digit security PIN.

If you’re given ‘012345’, type in only 012345. And if you haven’t received the PIN, give your school a buzz. They got your back! 📱🔒✨

Know CBSE Class 10 Result 2023-24 Facts

Overall Pass Percentage (2023):

  • 93.12% students cleared the Class 10 board examination in 2023.

Gender Performance:

  • Girls Outshine: The pass percentage for girls stood at 94.25%, while boys secured a respectable 92.72%.

Top Performing Districts (2023):

  • Trivandrum Dominates: Trivandrum district aced the CBSE Class 10 exam with an impressive 99.91%. Guwahati wrapped up at the tail with 76.90%.

Total Students Passed (2023):

  • A whopping 20,16,779 students successfully cleared the Class 10 board exam, contributing to the impressive overall pass rate.

Digital Academic Documents:

  • CBSE facilitates digital academic documents like Marksheet cum Certificates, Migration Certificates, and Skill Certificates through “Parinam Manjusha.”

Merit Certificates:

  • Elite 0.1%: Merit certificates were awarded to the top 0.1% students who achieved the highest marks in their subjects.

Avoiding Unhealthy Competition:

  • CBSE’s decision: No merit list declared, and divisions (first, second, or third) are not assigned to students to prevent unhealthy competition.

Marksheet Distribution:

  • CBSE will distribute printed marksheets and passing certificates through respective schools. Students need to coordinate with their schools for collection.

School Participation (2023):

  • A substantial 28,471 schools participated in CBSE Board exams across India and 26 countries. The total registered students for CBSE 10th exams in 2023 were 2,186,485.

Post-COVID Performance (2019 vs. 2023):

  • Post-COVID Boost: The 2023 pass percentage surpassed the pre-COVID 2019 rate of 91.10%.

Provisional Nature of Online Results:

  • CBSE emphasizes that online results are provisional.
  • Original mark sheets and certificates need to be collected from respective schools post-result.

Validity of Digital Documents:

  • CBSE marksheets, passing certificates, and migration certificates available through DigiLocker, with digital signatures, are considered valid.

Annual Participation:

  • Approximately 18 lakh students partake in the CBSE Class 10 examination every year.

CBSE Class 10th Passing Rate

YearTotal appeared StudentsBoys’ pass %Girls’ pass %Overall pass %

CBSE Result Class 10 Marksheet 2024 Download

Your CBSE Class 10th marksheet is a document packed with important information. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements:

  • Exam Details: You’ll find the official names of the exam and board, your class, and your unique roll number.
  • Personal Information: Your mother’s and father’s names, along with your date of birth, ensure accurate identification.
  • Subject Breakdown: Each subject you appeared for is listed with its unique code, theory and practical marks (if applicable), and total marks.
  • Grading System: Based on your marks, you’ll receive a positional grade for each subject, indicating your relative standing.
  • Pass/Fail Status: The ultimate verdict! This section marks your overall result as Pass or Not Pass, based on the minimum 33% criteria in each subject.

Calculate CGPA for CBSE Class 10th Result 2024

  1. Score Your Grades:
    Add up the grade points you’ve got in the main five subjects. Let’s say you got 8, 8, 7, 9, and 8.
  2. Total It Up:
    Add them together: (8 + 8 + 7 + 9 + 8 = 40)
  3. Average Grade:
    Now, divide that total by 5: (40/5 = 8)
  4. Boom, CGPA:
    Your CGPA is 8. Easy, right?

Now, let’s talk percentages:

  1. Convert to Percentage:
    To get the percentage, multiply your CGPA by 9.5. For instance, if your CGPA is 8, it’s (8 x 9.5 = 76%).

And there you have it! You’re now the master of CGPA to percentage magic. Also, peeking at past years can give you a hint about how things might roll this year.

Check out the stats on students and pass percentages to get the scoop on what’s coming in the Class 10th board exams. 🧮✨

CBSE Result Important Dates and Highlights

Keeping these key dates in mind will ensure you’re well-informed:

  • CBSE 10th Exams: February 15th to March 21st, 2024
  • CBSE 10th Result: May 2024 (tentative)
  • CBSE 10th Compartment Result: August 2024 (tentative)

Remember to check the official website for the confirmed date and time of result declaration, and be aware that approximately 3.5 lakhs students take the CBSE Class 10th exams each year.

Charting Your Course After CBSE Class 10th Result 2024

Your result paves the way for exciting academic pursuits. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Obtain your original marksheet: Once the results are declared, collect your official document from your school.
  • Choose your academic stream: Based on your strengths and aspirations, select your stream for higher studies (Science, Commerce, Arts, etc.).
  • Plan for competitive exams: If your goals involve entrance exams for specific courses, start strategizing your preparation.
  • Consider compartment exams: If you haven’t met the passing criteria in one or two subjects, you can apply for compartment exams held in August/September.

Ensuring Accuracy: CBSE Result Verification and Revaluation Processes

For any discrepancies, the CBSE offers verification and revaluation processes.

You can apply for verification if you suspect an error in your marks or totalling, while revaluation involves a re-assessment of your answer scripts.

Remember, deadlines and fees apply, so check the official website for detailed information.

Additional Resources and Support:

Feel free to utilize these resources for further guidance:

  • CBSE Official Website:
  • CBSE Helpline: 1800 11 8004
  • Career Counselling Websites:,

This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and resources to navigate your CBSE Class 10th Result 2024 with confidence and clarity.

Remember, your result is just one significant step in your academic journey. Embrace it as a springboard to explore your strengths and pursue your aspirations with dedication and enthusiasm.

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