Class 10 Real Numbers Important Questions [Solved PDF]

Class 10 Real Numbers Important Questions that can save your time is here on our page. The following questions are from NCERT Book.

Following questions are very important for your school and board exam. We have analysed and then choose the IMP questions for this chapter.

This will help you ace your Board Exam 2025. The following questions are solved step by step so that you can understand the solution better way and can write better way in your exam.

Class 10 Real Numbers Important Questions List

Class 10 Maths Book has been rationalised by the government under National Educational Policy 2020. Many questions has been deleted from chapters.

We have created these Real Number Important Question List from Rationalised Book. You can tick on your book and solve the following questions.

Exercise 1.1

  • Ex 1.1, 1 (iii)
  • Ex 1.1, 1 (iv)
  • Ex 1.1, 2 (ii)
  • Ex 1.1, 3 (iii)
  • Ex 1.1, 4
  • Ex 1.1, 7

Exercise 1.2

  • Ex 1.2, 2
  • Ex 1.2, 3 (i)


  • Example 1
  • Example 4
  • Example 5
  • Example 6

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Class 10 Real Number Important Questions and Answer

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