How To Calculate Percentage Of Marks: 6 Subjects Out Of 80

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Are you school teacher or student who want to know How To Calculate Percentage Of Marks then you are at the right place.

Here we have discussed the step by step calculation on how to calculate percentage when you have taken or given exam and scored marks.

If you have taken an exam of 100 marks in each subject then you can use the following calculator to calculate the marks percentage.

Marks Percentage Calculator

# Subject Name Marks Obtained

10th Percentage Calculator CBSE 2024 (Top 5 Subjects Rule)

Understand Percentage Of Marks

Percentage is a way of expressing a proportion or a ratio in relation to 100. It is often used to represent a part of a whole or to measure relative quantities.

In the context of academic performance and marks, percentage is a common method of quantifying and communicating a student’s achievements.

In the case of marks, percentage is calculated by taking the total marks obtained in a subject or a set of subjects and expressing that as a percentage of the maximum marks possible.

The general formula for calculating percentage is:

Examples For Calculating Percentage Of Marks

Example 1:

Calculate the percentage of marks for 5 subjects. English 85, History 79, Geography 91, Art 88, and Music 94.


Total marks scored:
85+79+91+88+94 = 437

Maximum marks = 500 

Percentage of marks:
(Total marks scored/Maximum marks)x100
= 87.4%

Example 2:

Ravi scored 35 out of 40 in a quiz. Calculate the percentage of marks that he received.


Marks = 35/40 
Percentage = (35/40)x100 = 87.5%

Example 3:

Lisa obtained a total of 480 marks out of 550 in the final exam. Calculate the percentage of marks she got in the exams.


Total grade score = 480 
Maximum marks = 550 
Percentage of marks 
= 87.27%

How to calculate percentage of marks of 6 subjects out of 80

Rahul's Marks in Different Subjects:

Social Studies65
Computer Science55

Calculation Steps:

Calculate Total Marks:
Total Marks = 75 + 60 + 70 + 65 + 80 + 55 = 405
Calculate Percentage:
= (Total Marks / (Number of Subjects * Maximum Marks per Subject)) * 100 
= (405 / (6 * 80)) * 100 
= (405 / 480) * 100 
= 0.84375 * 100 
= 84.375%


Rahul's percentage of marks in Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, and Computer Science (out of a maximum of 80 marks per subject) is approximately 84.38%.

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