Report Writing Latest Format For Class 9 to 12: PYQs Examples

Report Writing Format For Class 9 to 12 helps student in making reports on various topics just learning the set of sentences that fit with all kind of Topics.

In this guide, we will walk you through the essential aspects of report writing format, providing insights on how to craft an effective reports.

Whether you’re a student in Class 10, 10th, 11, or 12, or if you simply want to enhance your report writing skills, this comprehensive exploration will serve as a valuable resource.

We’ll discuss the intricacies of report writing format for various academic levels, including Class 10 and Class 12.

Additionally, we’ll provide a sample for report writing formats and explore an example in PDF.

Let’s embark on this journey of mastering report writing formats together.

Report Writing Latest Format For VISIT TO PLACE

Report Writing Format For Class 9 to 12

You can get report writing on Visit in your English for sure. And there for you should go with this Report Writing Format for Class 8 to Class 12.

The format has pre set of sentences that match with any kind of visit report writing. You just have to write the place you visited, experience etc.

We have provided the examples on how you can use this format to create Report Writing easily.

Visit to [Place]

-[Reported By]

I had a fantastic trip with my family/friends to _________________ [Place] on ________________ [Date].

We explored the place on our own, discovering cool things about _________________ [Highlighted Aspect]. It was like a little adventure where we made our own stories.

The main reason for our trip was to ______________________ [Objective]. We figured out why this place is special by talking to locals and exploring every nook.

We checked out different areas, like ______________________ [Sections], and talked about __________________ [Topic]. It felt like our own little exploration mission!

We did hands-on stuff, like ________________ [Interactive Activity], and everyone in our group/member got involved. Break times were awesome, giving us a chance to ________________ [Activity During Breaks] and just enjoy each other’s company.

We picked up lots of interesting info about ________________ [Insights Gained] and _____________________ [Additional Insights]. It was like being our own little detectives, finding out all the cool facts.

As our trip wrapped up, we talked about the best parts, focusing on _________________ [Recap]. It was a great way to share our favorite moments and plan for more fun.

Big thanks to everyone who joined in on our adventure. The trip to _______ [Place] was a blast, and we made memories exploring _________________ [Highlighted Aspect] together!

Report Writing Format For Event/Day/Celebration

Report Writing Format For Class 9 to 12

You can get report writing on Event/Day/Celebration in your English exam for sure. And there for you should go with this Report Writing Format for Class 8 to Class 12.

The format has set of sentences that match with any kind of Event/Day/Celebration report writing. You just have to replace the event you visited, and experienced etc. We have provided the examples on how you can use this format to create Report easily.

[Event Name]

[Event Organised By/At]

An ____________________ [event] took place at ____________[Location] on _____________ [Date]. The goal of the event was to [Purpose].

The event started with _____________________ [Opening Activity]. Important guests, including ______________________ [Guest Names], attended the event.

The main aim was to____________________________________________ [Objective]. ___________________ [Speaker Name] shared insights on why the event was important.

During the event, there were discussions on ______________________ [Topics Covered]. Well-known speakers, like [Speaker Names], talked about ______________________ [Specific Topics].

Activities were carried out to________________________________ [Purpose of Activities]. Participants actively took part in_________________________ [Engagement Activities].

Breaks were scheduled to allow participants to__________________ [Break Activities]. Refreshments were served, creating a _____________________ [Positive Atmosphere].

Participants learned important things about ___________________________ [Subject]. Key points were emphasized throughout ______________________ [Event Duration].

The event ended with a __________________________ [Summary] of the main points. Attendees were encouraged to __________________________ [Next Steps].

Special thanks to __________________________ [Acknowledgments] for making the event a success. Appreciation goes to [Supporters] for their assistance.

In conclusion, the event proved to be effective in achieving its goals. It served as a platform for _______________________________ [Benefits] and left participants with ________________________ [Takeaways].

Report Writing Steps

A standard report typically has these parts:

  • Executive Summary
    • Summarizes the main points briefly.
    • Highlights the report’s purpose, what you did, and your recommendations.
  • Table of Contents
    • A quick index page outlining what’s in the report.
  • Introduction
    • Starts the report, providing background info on why you collected the data.
    • Gives a sneak peek into what the report covers.
  • Body
    • Describes the problem, presents data (often with tables or charts), and discusses it.
    • Broken into sections with clear headings for easy understanding.
  • Conclusion
    • Wraps up the report, interpreting the data and suggesting actions or improvements.
  • Reference
    • Lists all sources you used for the report.
  • Appendix
    • Optional but may include extra technical info, like tables or charts, supporting your findings.

CBSE Last Year Report Writing For Class 9 to 12

CBSE 2018 Report Writing

MMD School, Nashik, recently organised a science symposium on the topic: ‘Effect of pollution on quality of life’. You are Amit/Amita Raazdan, editor of the school magazine. Write a report on the event for your school magazine. (120 – 150 words)


Report on Science Symposium held at MMD School, Nashik 

-By Amit/ Amita Raazdan, Editor of the school magazine

On March 1, 2022, a symposium took place at the school discussing the “Effect of Pollution on Quality of Life,” involving all science students.

The event began with guest speaker felicitation and Sh. Suraj Prakash outlining the workshop’s objectives.

Dr. Hari Om Gupta shared insights on pollution’s impact, emphasizing the need to address this issue.

Participants witnessed a compelling demonstration on pollution’s effects, and Dr. K.K. Arora later presented personal steps to reduce pollution.

A session on pollution reduction concepts prompted innovative thinking among the participants.

Interactive discussions fueled curiosity, leading participants to commit to making a positive change.

The workshop concluded with the head of the science department delivering a vote of thanks.

CBSE Sample Question Paper 2018-19 Report Writing

You are Karan/ Kirti of L.M. Memorial Public School, Dwarka. Your school has adopted a village as a social responsibility. Students are being taken to teach the children of that village on a regular basis. Write a report, for your school magazine, on the various other programmes organized there in 120 – 150 words.


Village Adoption- A Step Towards Being Socially Responsible

-by Karan/ Kriti

On World Literacy Day, L.M. Memorial Public School in Dwarka pledged to support and educate the village of Rajpur.

Selected students visit the village every weekend, focusing on teaching every resident to read and write within the first six months.

Free books and stationery are provided for quality education, fostering an environment where children can play, interact, and learn.

Hygiene and sanitation, including awareness on menstrual hygiene for girls, receive special attention.

Talent hunts and various activities showcase the villagers’ enthusiasm for learning.

The school adopts a family-like approach, treating the village residents as its own students, fostering a sense of belonging.

This village adoption initiative instills sensitivity to environmental needs in students, shaping them into future leaders committed to social responsibility.

CBSE 2017 Exam Report Writing

Cultural Society Sunshine Public School, Nellore organised an adult literacy camp in its neighbourhood. Write a report in 120 – 150 words on the camp for your school newsletter. You are P.V. Sunitha, Secretary. Use the following clues: no. of volunteers – hours spent in teaching – location of the class – chairs, blackboards – no. of people attending the camp – benefit.




Cultural Society Sunshine Public School in Nellore organized an adult literacy camp in the school neighborhood, targeting adults who missed the opportunity for formal education. The camp, led by 25 volunteers from the school’s cultural society, hosted 400 participants.

Mrs. Kavita Naik, a renowned social worker, was the chief guest for the camp. Participants were divided based on their competencies, receiving basic education in reading and writing.

Free books and stationery were provided, and the camp ensured proper infrastructure, including desks and blackboards. Hygiene and sanitation, along with waste management basics, were part of the educational focus. Refreshments were provided.

The participants’ immense enthusiasm and zest for learning were the driving forces behind the camp’s success. Certificates of participation were distributed by the chief guest, ending the camp on a positive note with an atmosphere of collective learning and growth.

CBSE 2018 Compartment Exam Report Writing

 You are Sandhya/ Sohan an active member of the Animal Lovers Club which works for the welfare of animals by preventing cruelty to them. Recently you visited Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home. You were pleasantly surprised to see the good treatment given to the animals. Write a report in 120 – 150 words on your visit. 

You may use the following points: injured dogs and cats – abandoned pets – very old animals – all very well cared for – well-equipped medical room – veterinary surgeon – green surroundings.


Visit to Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home


The Animal Lovers Club recently visited the Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home, which serves as a haven for abandoned, rescued, and injured animals, including elderly ones.

The organization provides exemplary care, creating a family-like environment that promotes faster healing and happiness among the animals. Facilities include a well-equipped medical room and the expertise of a veterinary surgeon.

Regular check-ups by a team of veterinary specialists ensure the well-being of the animals, who enjoy spacious and green surroundings, avoiding the harsh confinement of cages.

Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home’s compassionate approach reflects a remarkable commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of voiceless creatures.

The experience left a profound and overwhelming impact on the Animal Lovers Club.

CBSE 2017 Compartment Exam Report Writing

Independence Day was celebrated in your school. District Magistrate, Ms. Indu Bala Sharma was the Chief Guest. Write a report on the function in 120 – 150 words describing all the activities that took place. You are Head boy/Head girl.


GD Goenka School celebrated Independence Day with enthusiasm. Students presented handmade cards and tri-color badges to school management on August 14, 2021.

The cultural program featured patriotic elements, including the singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ and flag hoisting by the District Magistrate, Ms. Indu Bala Sharma. Students and teachers expressed patriotism through poems, speeches, quizzes, songs, and dance.

A commitment to nation-building was emphasized, with faculty and student teachers pledging to serve through education and community service. A presentation on the national flag’s history and a documentary on unsung freedom fighters enriched the event.

The principal’s speech on “What does freedom mean to me?” marked the conclusion, followed by the National Anthem and refreshments distribution.

Report Writing Extra Questions

What is report writing in Class 12?

Report writing in Class 12 falls under the creative writing skills section.

It involves crafting descriptive or analytical reports based on verbal inputs, with responses limited to 120-150 words.

Students choose one out of two given options, with a weightage of 5 Marks.

The assessment criteria include Format (1 mark), Organisation of Ideas (1 mark), Content (2 marks), and Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar (1 mark).

What is the format of report writing?

Report writing generally involves two types: newspaper reports and magazine reports.

A well-written report adheres to the specifications of the report brief, analyzes relevant information, structures material logically, and follows a consistent presentation.

For a magazine report, include a Heading, Byline, Opening paragraph, Account of the event in detail, and Conclusion.

For a newspaper report, include a Headline, Byline, Place and date of reporting, Opening paragraph, Account of the event in detail, and Concluding paragraph.

What are the types of reports?

Reports can be categorized into Formal or Informal, Short or Long, Informational or Analytical, Proposal Reports, Internal or External, Periodic, and Functional Reports.

Formal reports are detailed, while informal reports are brief. Short reports are concise, while long reports are extensive. Informational reports convey data within an organization, and analytical reports offer solutions.

Proposal reports describe how one organization can meet another’s needs. Internal reports are used within an organization, and external reports circulate outside.

Periodic reports follow a regular schedule, and functional reports originate from various departments.

How should I start writing a report?

To start writing a report:

  • Choose a topic according to the assignment.
  • Conduct research on the chosen topic.
  • Write a statement outlining the report.
  • Prepare an outline to organize key points.
  • Create a rough draft following the outline.
  • Revise and edit the report for coherence.
  • Proofread to identify and correct mistakes before submission.

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