Science Notes Class 10 PDF Download 2024 (Rationalised)

Class 10 Science Notes | CBSE Class 10 Revision Notes is Developed by experienced educators and topper students based on the latest NCERT books.

It is Comprehensive notes which contains physics, chemistry, and biology.

Recommendation: Emphasize studying NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science.

New CBSE Exam Pattern allocates 20 Marks for MCQ Questions in Class 10 Science.

NCERT Class 10 Science Revision Notes

Chemical Reactions and Equations Notes

  • Types (combination, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement)
  • Writing & balancing equations
  • Oxidation & reduction

Acids, Bases and Salts Notes:

  • Properties of acids & bases
  • Indicators & neutralization
  • Formation & types of salts
  • Uses of acids, bases & salts

Metals and Non-metals Notes:

  • Physical & chemical properties
  • Reactivity series & corrosion
  • Prevention of corrosion & alloys
  • Uses of metals & non-metals

Life Processes Notes:

  • Nutrition & respiration
  • Photosynthesis & transport
  • Excretion & control/coordination (plants & animals)

Light – Reflection and Refraction Notes:

  • Laws of reflection & image formation
  • Refraction of light & lens formula
  • Applications of mirrors & lenses

Carbon and its Compounds Notes:

  • Unique properties of carbon
  • Functional groups & homologous series
  • Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes (saturated/unsaturated)
  • Uses of carbon compounds

Control and Coordination Notes:

  • Nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves)
  • Receptors & effectors, reflex action
  • Plant hormones & growth/movement

How Do Organisms Reproduce? Notes:

  • Asexual & sexual reproduction (plants & animals)
  • Fertilization modes & human reproductive system
  • Menstrual cycle & contraception

Heredity Notes:

  • Chromosomes, genes & DNA
  • Mendelian inheritance & laws
  • Variations in progeny & sex determination

Our Environment Notes:

  • Ecosystems, food chains & webs
  • Environmental issues (pollution, deforestation)
  • Resource conservation & sustainable development

Electricity Notes:

  • Electric charge, conductors & insulators
  • Electric cells & circuits
  • Ohm’s law & resistance
  • Series & parallel circuits
  • Magnetic effect of electric current & electromagnetism
  • Note: “Periodic Classification of Elements” is excluded from the 2023-24 syllabus.

CBSE Notes for Class 10 Science – Chapter-wise PDF

Crucial Study Material:

Facilitates comprehensive preparation for CBSE Class 10 board exams.

Detailed Explanations:

In-depth explanations, illustrative examples, solved questions, and sample questions from NCERT books.

Accessible Format:

Simplified style and format for easy comprehension and retention.

Chapter-wise CBSE Class 10 Science Notes

Benefits of Studying from CBSE Class 10 Science Notes

  • Comprehensive Overview:
    • Brief overview of all concepts for holistic understanding.
  • Effective Revision Tool:
    • Aids in efficient revision, saving time during exam preparation.
  • Memory Aid:
    • Facilitates easy recall of crucial topics from each chapter.
  • Enhanced Understanding:
    • Promotes a better understanding of chapters for improved exam performance.

Additional Resources

  • Important Questions for Class 10 Science
  • CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers
  • Stay Updated:
    • Regular updates on CBSE and NCERT.

FAQs CBSE Class 10 Science Revision Notes

  1. Science Sample QPs for SA1 and SA2:
    • CBSE Class 10 Sample QPs available for both SA1 and SA2, complete with marking schemes.
  2. Use of Class 10 Science Sample QPs:
    • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses, refine weaknesses through focused practice.
  3. Scoring High Marks in Class 10 Science Board Exam:
    • Key Strategies:
      1. Cover all chapters in the syllabus.
      2. Practice Sample QPs with the marking scheme.
      3. Continuous revision.
      4. Conceptual understanding for approaching questions effectively.

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